Hi, I'm

small business advisor + 
your new right-hand (wo)man.

I want to better

I am driven by human connection. I crunch numbers, but I know there is a human side to business, and my goal is to become an extension of your team and support you in ways that are meaningful.

I want to better serve you by understanding you and your business goals. I want to understand your purpose and values. Most of all, I want you to feel like I get you.

I started Rocket Books to create a space where I can truly connect with my clients. A place where I can help you own your accomplishments & achieve your goals.


At Rocket Books, we're more than just bookkeepers and financial advisors; we're partners in your financial journey, rooting for every milestone you reach and every goal you set. We understand that behind every spreadsheet and ledger, there's a dream being built and goals being chased. Our purpose is to honor those dreams with a steadfast dedication to accuracy and detail, ensuring every number tells the story of progress and possibility.

When She's not crunching numbers, you can find katie...

Enjoying the rain— getting back to her PNW roots!

Playing with her dogs,
Izzy & Copper

Traveling to DisneyWorld whenever she can

Seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert

Collecting all the vinyl records

Binging a good show on Netflix

Hanging out at a farmer's market or arts festivals

Being outside (when the weather is nice, of course!)