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For product-based businesses, starting and running a successful venture requires passion, dedication, and a clear vision. But when finances get complicated and spreadsheets feel overwhelming, it's easy to lose focus. That's where our Bookkeeping Services come in – to simplify your finances and help steer your business confidently.

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Our QuickBooks Account & Bookkeeping Setup is tailored for the entrepreneur taking those exciting first steps. We provide personalized and automated workflows for a one-time fee of $250, ensuring your financial foundation is rock-solid from day one. We'll get all bank, credit card, and sales platforms synced to your new QBO account to get all your numbers streamlined into one, easy-to-manage, platform.

For those new to running a business, or just getting their bookkeeping started.

Get back on

If you're feeling swamped by backlogs and misaligned figures, our Diagnostic review is your lifeline. For $500, we'll meticulously comb through your bookkeeping records, note any past errors, outstanding liabilities, inventory adjustments, and provide you with a list of changes to get your numbers compliant and accurate. Pair this with a Bookkeeping Catch-up Project if you're behind on your monthly tracking. We'll take care of all historical bookkeeping, data entry, and provide tax-ready financial reports to match.
Starting at $125/mo or $1,500/yr.

For the business owner ready to quit DIY bookkeeping.

Empower your

Our Bookkeeping + Tax Prep service caters comprehensively to your financial transactions, monthly reconciliations, delivering clear and digestible financial reports, and keeping your books compliant and tax-ready every single day of the year. Our aim? To keep your business thriving!
Starting at $400/mo.

Pair your Bookkeeping + Tax Prep package with some of our additional services to really elevate your business:

Recommended for established businesses

Monthly budget & benchmarking meeting (60min) - $50/mo
Payroll setup/management - $100/mo
Profit First bookkeeping - $25/mo
A/R management - $50/mo
A/P Bill-Pay Management (through - $50/mo
Inventory tracking - $50/mo
Sales tax filing - $100/mo

Reach new

Wishing for a partner to match your ambition? Our CFO Services are designed for the powerhouse entrepreneur ready to shatter ceilings and spearhead their enterprise to stellar heights. We offer high-touch support, monthly benchmarking and cash-flow forecasts, savvy financial guidance, and a customized strategy to scale your success.

Starting at $350/mo

Recommended for our monthly Bookkeeping clients

Get the same scope of service as an hourly, in-house employee at a fraction of the cost!

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I am very grateful for Katie's help in guiding me through my first year of my brand new appraisal business. I know my craft but accounting is something that I was looking to delegate to a professional. Katie struck me as a very responsible, professional and compassionate person. I was getting very quick responses from her with my questions and concerns, thus the name "Rocket Books" :) I am very grateful for Katie's help in advising me in areas other than accounting. She would recommend ways to grow my business, ways to save, where to advertise and other very helpful tips. I very highly recommend Katie's service!!!

GG Gem & Jewelry Appraiser LLC